Eco-sheen is a multi-enzyme formulation, for the treatment of products woven out of fibers of animal origin ( i.e. wool and silk) and fibers of plant origin ( i.e. jute and cotton) such as carpets, durries, shawls, etc.
Eco-sheen lends sheen, softness and an extended usage to the products.
Eco-sheen is used in a ratio of 10% to the weight of the product. One liter of Eco-sheen can therefore be used to wash 100 kgs. of product.

Benefits of Eco-sheen to the woven products

  • The product eliminates the use of chemicals.
  • The colors remain vibrant and the product acquires a fine sheen and softness.
  • Wear and tear of the product is considerably reduced since the fibres are not weakened by harsh chemicals.
  • The enzyme formulation will be equally effective in water having pH range 5.5 to 7.5

Benefits of Eco-sheen to the laborers
The wash solution is harmless to the labor force even if they are in contact with it.

Benefits of Eco-sheen to the environment

  • It is beneficial to the environment since it is rich in nitrogen. It can be used for irrigation without any processing.
  • Use of Eco-sheen will not cause ground water pollution, and will in the long term remedy the pollution that has already taken place till date.
  • In the case of the Carpet industry, the quantity of water used for Eco-sheen is much lower than that consumed in the prevailing chemical washing process.