Enzy – Bio Toilets :
Enabling the utilization of sewage (Black water) for irrigation by converting it into nutrient rich, odourless effluent that is safe for agricultural use!

Prefabricated Enzy-bio Toilets with sewage treatment system

All Toilets are fitted with Enzy-bio Sewage digester tank.

One small pouch of Enzy-bio digester is to be poured into the toilet ONCE a month!


The effluent is FREE from ODOR and can be used for irrigation!

  • Bioenzymes in the form of powder, are poured into the toilet, thereby reaching the enzyme STP tank
  • Bioenzymes are natural occurring proteins and catalyze the chemical reaction rate to decompose human excreta / sewage and effluents.
  • The effluent converts into nutrient water to promote organic farming and agriculture and reforestation
  • Can be effectively used in arid areas to increase green cover.
  • Contributes to eradication of manual scavenging and ground water pollution caused by leach-pit toilets, especially in geographies having high water table.
  • It does not have any harmful effects to mankind or soil.
  • Use of acids are not allowed for cleaning these toilets, however it resists the common cleaning materials like soap, detergents or herbal materials.
  • One Pouch of Bioenzymes has to be added to the toilet every 15 days/ 30 days depending on number of persons using the toilet regularly.
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