Solar Home lighting systems:
Include: Solar PV panels; LED luminaires; batteries; Power control unit; metal structure for mounting panels; Systems are designed to utilize solar energy during sunlight hours, allowing maximum charging of batteries for optimal use of solar power over grid electricity.

Solar street lighting systems
Include: Solar PV panel; LED luminaire; battery; dawn to dusk automatic lighting system; 15 ft GI pole; battey case, fittings and fixtures. Can provide back up of 24 to 48 hrs.
Costs per unit vary on the wattage of PV panels and LED luminaire.

Solar Roof Top solutions for larger units
Solar installations for larger industrial/office complexes/ schools, technology parks, etc. are designed after site surveys and estimation of the total installed capacity of power required.

Solar Lanterns
Solar lanterns with phone charging

Completed Projects

  • Care and Fair School, Khanapur, U.P.
  • Majid Carpet Campus , Mirzapur

On Going Projects

  • “Through light to Enlightenment” Campaign – getting Solar Lanterns donated to Care and Fair Schools in rural U.P.
  • Solar customized design and implementation for SunCity- 60 acre school campus in Varanasi